When you do something you love, it’s not considered work. Music is that for me. Fifteen years ago, when I moved to Orlando to sing, I never expected the growth and acceptance of this country girl from Osteen, FL, and I certainly didn’t think this voice of mine would take me around the world. Naturally, I am blessed with the gift of a soulful voice that has its own magic, but it’s my connection to the people that I’ve met over the last decade and a half that makes my life special and exceptional.   

The whole journey has not been smooth. It’s had some dark times, but I always had a light within me. And with your prayers, I’ve been able to overcome every obstacle. Whenever I felt bad or dejected, you were the ones that believed in me and encouraged me to dust myself off and shine like a star I am destined to be. I am not perfect, but thankfully, I am here!

This year, I celebrate my career and I invite you to join me on a virtual journey of all the memories, achievements, awards and recognitions. I want to share them with the people who loved me the most and enabled me to be on this platform. The journey is continuing and will never end because your love pushes me to the ultimate destination, so I will never stop. It is my obligation to you.

I have many things in the works, and I am approaching it a new energy and commitment. My goal is to bring ultimate music compositions, events, workshops, etc. that you will love. It is all about breathing fresh air into CeCe Teneal! Are you ready to come on board my train, and rock with me throughout the world? The journey starts now!!!

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